iOS 17 features

5 iOS 17 features


iOS 17 features

iOS 17 comes with a lot of user-requested features. You can install iOS 17 Developer Beta for free and try most of these new iOS features now. However, there are still some that you can’t use right now. Apple hasn’t launched them with iOS 17 beta 1 and so you are likely to get them in later versions.

Here are the iOS 17 features yet to come on your iPhones:

  1. Journal

Apple has sherlocked Day One and similar Dear Diary apps on the App Store with its new app called Journal. As the name suggests, this is a Journaling app for writing down your day-to-day life happenings, feelings, travel and special moments. You can find some time from your busy life to ponder, feel gratitude, relive past memories, jot down inspiring thoughts, etc in this digital journal.

  1. Namedrop

Sharing contacts with others would be way easier with Namedrop as you just have to bump two iPhones together. With both iPhones and Apple Watch updated to their respective latest software, you can choose the numbers and email addresses you want to share and transfer them by bringing the two devices closer.

  1. Airdrop Share with Intention

Like sharing contacts, you will soon be able to transfer other file types like images and videos by simply bringing the two iPhones together.

  1. AirPlay in Hotel Rooms

Apple will be partnering with leading hotel chains to allow you to easily AirPlay content to Hotel TVs via a QR code. This should allow you to consume content of your choice when you are staying in a hotel and you want to kill time. You won’t have to carry the Apple TV with you if you have been doing that till now.

  1. Interactive widget support

Interactive widgets have been a big update for almost all Apple software platforms this year. However, only select first-party apps from Apple like Reminders, Apple Music and Apple Home, and third-party apps like Quizlet supports the feature right now. At the time of writing this, Spotify doesn’t feature interactive widgets on iOS 17 developer beta 1. Similarly, most apps don’t but we are positive that developers are likely to quickly bring this feature to their apps.

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