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Best free interior design apps 2022


The approach to home design has changed a lot in recent years. Now it’s easier than ever for non-designer owners of apartments and houses to transform their home space themselves: from creating selections for inspiration to finding the perfect interior items. Everyone can design their dream home using paid, free, and online apps for home interior design and layout. With them, you can easily choose a color solution and calculate the required amount of finishing materials. You can even take a virtual reality tour of the new interior.

1) Room Planner

Room Planner is a free room design app for IKEA. Room Planner app allows you to quickly create a three-dimensional model of a room on your smartphone, furnish it, think over the design, and try it all on in real-time. The best way to draw floor plans and strategies is to use 2D to layout the area first, and then use 3D to review and modify the design.

With Room Planner 3D, you can either develop projects from scratch, add elements, or use completely ready-made templates. Users can change different colors, textures, and materials to create furniture, wall coverings, floors, and other items. Another approach to editing each element in the Room Planner is to adjust the size of each one until the final perfect balance is achieved.

This interior design app free allows you to choose furniture from the IKEA catalog and try on this furniture in your virtual room. You can set the color of the carpets and choose the type of coverage, you can paint the walls in the desired color or choose a texture, and you can change the light and accessories. The range of furniture available in this room decorator app is simply huge – tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, tables, and armchairs. Everything is divided into categories and this helps to quickly navigate and find the necessary furniture models in the catalog – you can always select the desired table with a couple of touches. Room Planner is the most popular IKEA design tool.

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2) Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a home interior planner with a wide range of tools for working with 2D and 3D formats. Allows you to make a 3D design of the room and create virtual models of furniture. Does not require special architectural skills from the user. An intuitive interface with convenient controls is suitable for both amateurs and beginners.

You can design the house of your dream down to the smallest detail. Arrange walls, partitions, stairs, windows, and doors as you see fit. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates for furniture, appliances, decor, flooring, and a variety of other items. Freely set and change the individual parameters and dimensions for each item. Add an unlimited number of objects. You also have access to a color catalog for everything in the room. With this app to design a home, you can evaluate the results of your planning in 3D. Learn more about Planner 5D as Exterior rendering software.

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3) HomeByMe

HomeByMe is a virtual interior design app to help you find inspiration for your home’s furniture and décor. Use it to imagine and visualize the various house layout and decor options before making the final decision to buy new items or remodel your space. The house interior design program has a wide range of components for editing and creating 3D models. You can change the model from 2D to 3D.

The house design app allows you to work out in detail the interior of not only one room, but the whole apartment. Users can download a ready-made template or start creating their projects. The drawing can be made at any scale, and then drag windows, doors, and other technical elements with the mouse.

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The home interior design app offers a catalog of over 20,000 products from famous brands and designers to find the right items to renovate or remodel your rooms one by one. The catalog features a variety of products available in 3D: furniture, lamps, wall and floor coverings, decorative items, and more, so you can express your style and complement your decor. Home designing apps such as HomeByMe allow you to create walls, doors, and windows in your room and add your favorite furniture. This is the perfect way to see what your future interior might look like!

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4) Houzz

A useful house planner for Android, that allows you to make your 3D room design for free. Houzz assists at all stages of arrangement and repair. There are over 9 million high-resolution photos that can be sorted by style, room, and location.

This house designer contains a catalog of furniture, interior and decor items, garden and home utensils with real prices, and links to websites selling these products. When working with sketches, you can create notes, edits, and highlight zones. The finished layout can be shared on social networks, and sent by e-mail and instant messenger. In this home planner there is also a list of selected products, and a huge number of profiles of the best designers, architects, contractors, and other experts, so you can make your dreams and ideas for the improvement of the apartment come true. Houzz is a great and simple way to design your house in a few clicks.

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5) Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is an app, available to everyone. With the help of this home designer, you can easily create, furnish, decorate your home, share ideas with other users, and view all this in 2D or 3D mode. There is no complex functionality, and you do not have to undergo training to work with this program. All features in this house builder app are fully accessible, and allow you to start designing, even if you have not previously had experience with similar applications.

The 3D design app allows you to adjust the height and thickness of walls, and partitions, as well as change the degrees of the corners of the room. There are several formats, as well as various lighting methods, to get an idea of ​​how the house will look in daylight and at night. This service will be especially useful for those who make repairs. It is possible in the home design app to install furniture, change the color of the upholstery of a sofa or walls, place cabinets, chests of drawers, kitchen sets, and a good deal of other furniture that are usually difficult to place in houses, especially with a small area. Just draw a plan of your house, break it down into rooms, and start solving the problems of repairing and placing furniture or windows in the room.

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