Funtouch OS 14

Funtouch OS 14


Funtouch OS 14

For its international users, Vivo has announced the release of Funtouch OS 14, its most recent operating system. A variety of upgrades and enhancements are included in the Android 14-based update to provide a more seamless and customized user experience. Here are a few of the main points.

Smooth Envision, one of the main components of Funtouch OS 14, seeks to improve every part of the OS experience. Funtouch OS 14 enhances system performance and responsiveness by optimizing RAM utilization and minimizing the amount of background processes, enabling users to run more programs concurrently.

When accessing and dismissing apps on the home screen, Funtouch OS 14’s Motion Blur aesthetic improvement simulates the effects of motion blur. However, only a few smartphone models provide this capability.

The update also adds a number of new personalization choices that let users express their particular sense of style. Users may now select from three different clock layout layouts and eight different font styles to personalize the clock’s appearance on the lock screen. There have also been added new always-on-display styles and a new minimalist theme. The new Material You-based minimalist theme, MY color palette, offers a clean, sophisticated appearance with a wide range of color options.

The updated small window functionality of the update enhances multitasking as well. The small windows’ size and position can now be changed by users with ease thanks to increased adjustment line visibility.

Funtouch OS 14 introduces a new non-interactive tiny small window mode for situations where users wish to concentrate on one app while still keeping an eye on another, like watching a video while waiting for a ride-hailing service. Users only need to tap once to change between the small window modes.

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Additionally, Funtouch OS 14 has improved video editing features, making it simpler for users to produce distinctive and interesting material without relying on outside programs. Users can now support lossless export and export videos in their original quality. Users have more creative power thanks to customizable video quality options, which include resolutions up to 4K at 60FPS.

In order to protect user privacy and security, the update adds a new Smart Mirroring function that enables users to share their screen without being concerned that the notification bar would show any private information. Furthermore, a second password verification step is now used to protect users’ concealed photos.

Funtouch OS 14 will be available for download starting from mid-October on vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11.


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