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Google Assistant on Android 13 will only support a dark theme: Here’s why


Google has confirmed that its voice assistant on Android will only support a Dark theme even when the dark theme is disabled from your phone’s settings. This change will apply only to smartphones running Android 13 and will be similar to the Google Assistant experience available on other devices such as smartwatches and TVs. Google Assistant’s light mode theme will no longer be available on Android devices and the company says that this change is intentional.

Google Assistant dark mode
Multiple users reported on Reddit and Google’s IssueTracker page that the Google Assistant on Android 13 only showed a dark mode theme even when their phones are set with a light mode theme.

The light theme for Google Assistant was previously available on Android devices, so users initially thought this to be a bug and expected it to be resolved soon. However, Google has now made it official that this change is not a bug and has been done on purpose.

Why Google has made this change

In a comment on the IssueTracker page, Google confirmed that its voice assistant will only support a dark theme on smartphones in the upcoming days (first spotted by AndroidPolice). The tech giant has also explained that this decision was made to align the Google Assistant’s experience across multiple devices.

Google TV, WearOS smartwatches, Android Auto and Nest Hub smart displays are some of the devices where Google Assistant shows a dark theme by default.

Google Assistant on smartphones supported an optional light mode but that will change as the company wants Android 13 to offer a similar experience that its voice assistant offers on other devices.

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