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Google Wallet: American technology giant Google has rebranded and updated its Wallet app. Launched last year in July, the company has introduced 5 new ways via which users can add more to Google Wallet. Notably, Google has been working relentlessly since the launch of Google Wallet to make it better for its users, offering users a safe and secure way to store payment cards, digital IDs, loyalty cards, and even car keys.

” we set out to create a new digital wallet that prioritises convenience, security and privacy. Most importantly, we wanted to build an experience that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. Here’s how we’ve been working to make that vision a reality ,” Jenny Chang, Vice President and General Manager, Google Wallet, said on the tech giant’s official blog.

Google has announced a slew of new features for all its Google Wallet users. It currently offers support for a variety of different types of cards, keys, and passes, but now it’s giving users a simple and easy way to store pass types that weren’t previously supported.

Whether it’s from your local gym or just a random piece of paper with a barcode on it, Google Wallet will soon be able to store these types of odd passes securely in Wallet. The app will allow users to take photos of these unique cards, and Wallet will create a secure and digital version of it.

Easily save passes to Wallet from an image

Google Wallet users will soon be able to create and save a secure, digital version of a card on Wallet, doing so simply by taking a photo of the card. It is important to note that this feature will work for any pass with a barcode or QR code, primarily for passes such as transit QR tickets, parking passes, or e-commerce return QR codes.

Securely save health insurance cards

Google and Humana are developing a digital version of their health insurance card to save to Google Wallet. This will provide Humana’s members a convenient way to access their insurance information swiftly and securely right from the palm of their hand. And in the U.K., people will be able to save their National Insurance Number to their Wallet from the HMRC app.

Save ID to Wallet

Google is working to make it possible to save the user’s ID to your Wallet. Now, people with a Maryland ID or driver’s license will be able to add their ID to Google Wallet on any phone running Android 8.0 or later and that has device lock enabled.

Save company ID and access badge

To give employees a secure and convenient access to buildings, cafeterias and more, corporate badges will arrive in Wallet later this year.

Quickly save passes to Wallet from Messages

Soon people who use Google’s Messages app with RCS enabled will be able to complete their travel check-in process entirely in the Messages app. They will receive their boarding pass or train ticket directly in their Messages app and from there, they can save it to their Wallet.


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