Google's Bard AI chatbot

Google’s Bard AI chatbot updated 2023


Google’s Bard AI chatbot

Google’s Bard AI chatbot: Google announced on Friday that it will be updating its generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, to help people write code and develop software. The move is aimed at catching up in the fast-moving race on AI technology, as tech companies compete to put more advanced AI into the hands of users.

Last month, the company released Bard to the public in an effort to gain ground on Microsoft, which had already made its own AI chatbot available to the public.

In response to the success of Microsoft’s chatbot, ChatGPT, which was developed by the Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI and released last year, Google decided to release its own generative AI chatbot. Bard is described by Google as an “experiment” that allows for collaboration with generative AI technology that relies on past data to create content.

Google’s Bard AI chatbot: With the update, Bard will be capable of coding in 20 programming languages, including Java, C++, and Python. It will also be able to assist with debugging and explaining code to users. Furthermore, Bard has the capability to optimize code and enhance its efficiency by utilising uncomplicated prompts like “Could you make that code faster?”

Presently, Bard is only available to a limited number of users who can communicate with the chatbot and seek assistance rather than utilising Google’s conventional search feature. With the update, it is expected that Bard will become more widely available.


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