How to enable voice isolation

How to enable voice isolation to improve call quality on iPhone


How to enable voice isolation: Apple introduced mic modes on iPhone with iOS 16.4 update (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar / Indian Express)

How to enable voice isolation: If you’re an iPhone user and are not impressed with the call quality, then here is a quick way to fix it. In fact, with the iOS 16.4 update, Apple has released a new feature where a user can now select how a microphone functions during a voice call. Using this feature, one can drastically improve the audio call quality with just a few simple steps.

Currently, there are three different mic modes on iPhones running iOS 16.4 or newer versions. The first mode is called Standard mode, which will be enabled by default, followed by the Voice Isolation mode and the Wide Spectrum mode. This works even if you initiate a call from apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

In the Standard mode, the iPhone will emphasize the actual user’s voice during a voice or video call and will also allow some amount of background noise to get in. Similarly, in the Wide Spectrum mode, the microphone will pick up all the noise around the user; hence, the voice of the user might feel a bit suppressed, especially in noisy outdoor situations.

mic mode on iPhone can be quickly accessed via the control center (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar / Indian Express)

Lastly, there is a Voice Isolation mode, where the iPhone will use proprietary technology to isolate the voice of the user from the background sound. Hence, even if the user is standing in the middle of a crowded place, the party on the other side will be able to hear the vocals clearly.

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As this happens on the iPhone, the user on the other side of the call will benefit even if they’re using an Android smartphone. Here’s how you can quickly toggle between standard, voice isolation, and wide spectrum mode while doing a voice call on an iPhone.

How to enable voice isolation on iPhone?

Make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 16.4 or a newer version. This can be done by making a call from an iPhone or while receiving a voice call. Once you’re on the call, access the control center (by swiping from the top right corner) and click on the mic mode button on the top right corner, and select the required mode.

How to enable voice isolation, do note that until the mic mode is manually changed, it will remain in the same setting for all future voice and video calls.


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