samsung maintenance mode

Samsung Maintenance Mode to Safeguard Your Data


Samsung Maintenance Mode


Samsung Maintenance Mode giving your phone to a service center may typically be a bit of a hassle because not only do they sometimes reset your phone, but your sensitive data is frequently at risk. For a procedure that ought to be simple, this leads to unneeded worry and anxiety.

To resolve this, Samsung has now introduced a new ‘Maintenance Mode,’ which was first added to the One UI 5 beta but is now starting to reach a wider userbase, as the global rollout has finally begun.


The ‘Maintenance Mode’ essentially puts your phone in a secure state and as per Samsung, by allowing users to prevent access to their personal information, such as their images, messages, or contacts, maintenance Mode can help users who are anxious about providing a personal device to someone for repairs.

‘Maintenance Mode’ creates a separate user profile, sans all core apps like messages, photos and access to user data, so that a repair center can work on your device without having access to your vital data.


‘Maintenance Mode’ Availability

Samsung said that the wider rollout of the software feature has already begun worldwide, and the update will gradually rollout to Galaxy S22 devices running One UI 5. The rollout is scheduled to run its course throughout 2023, with availability expanding to more Galaxy devices later.

How to use ‘Maintenance Mode’

  1. Go to Settings > Battery and device care.
  2. Now, select Maintenance Mode.
  3. Reboot your phone.


Once you reboot your phone, all sensitive data and apps will be locked. Additionally, Samsung said “Once Maintenance Mode is switched on, the person who was entrusted with the device won’t be able to retrieve user-installed apps either. Data or accounts generated when using Maintenance Mode are automatically deleted as soon as the owner exits Maintenance Mode. They will be able to download apps on Galaxy Store, but those will be automatically deleted along with any data or accounts created as soon as the owner exits Maintenance Mode.”

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