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The Best PlayStation Exclusive Games Of 2022


PlayStation has had a big year in 2022 when it came to exclusives, The Best PlayStation with some of the best the platform has seen released and multiple being nominated for Game of the Year. From Horizon Forbidden West to God of War: Ragnarok, both sequels and original new games continue to be high-quality experiences that exceed expectations. But with many receiving numerous accolades, it can be difficult to determine which are worth playing first and which can be slept on for a while.

The best PlayStation exclusives of 2022 are exemplary in their own right, even breaking records like God of War: Ragnarok, and showcase just what a console exclusive is capable of. From harnessing the unique power of the PlayStation 5 to using established franchises to explore new heights, these games truly define what it means to be a PlayStation exclusive.

Horizon Forbidden West Brings Aloy’s Journey To New Frontiers

Horizon Zero Dawn was a standout among PlayStation 4 exclusives. Its unique story and setting, beautiful environments, and groundbreaking combat made it an instant classic. The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West released in February and instantly reminded players why they loved the first game so much. The story follows Aloy as she journeys west to prevent a threat from the distant past from destroying her present.

Alongside the gorgeous new visuals and technical achievements, the game features new enemy machines that Aloy can ride and tame, visually stunning new environments, and a host of new weapons and abilities for Aloy. The story is full of old allies, new threats, and shocking twists and turns. All of these combine to make Horizon Forbidden West a must-play for any PlayStation owner.

The Last Of Us: Part 1 Infects A Whole New Generation With Its Grizzly Visuals

The Last Of Us is a landmark series for PlayStation, and bringing The Last of Us (now dubbed “Part 1“) into visual and technical line with its wildly successful sequel was a no-brainer. By pulling visual and technical elements from Part II into Part IThe Last Of Us team made both feel consistent with each other in a way that’s rarely done in the gaming market.

Though The Last of Us: Part 1‘s biggest mistake is also a PlayStation 5 problem, the team at Naughty Dog was able to take full advantage of the console’s power by incorporating a host of features tied into the 3D audio and DualSense controller, while also adding a host of new accessibility options for those who wish to take advantage of them. With all this plus a slew of new unlockables, animations, and a.i. reworks, The Last Of Us Part 1 is a haunting tale best experienced (or re-experienced) on PlayStation 5.

Stray Explores A Decaying Cyberpunk City In Ways Only A Cat Can

Cats have been a part of gaming culture for years, but games that let you actively play as a cat are few and far between, and none do it better than Stray. Cats reacting to Stray are even part of a new Playstation Charity. The game follows the titular cat as they make their way through a seedy underground cyberpunk dystopia in an effort to find their way to the surface. Along the way, they befriend a drone, fight off horrifying monsters, and interact with the world in ways only a cat can.

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From annoying robots to finding a nice spot to curl up for a nap, Stray puts the player entirely in the mind of the feline. The technical aspects are top-notch, with the cat’s hair moving and swaying believably and the movements themselves having the grace befitting a cat. For both lovers of cats and dystopian cyberpunk mysteries, Stray is a must-play.

Gran Turismo 7 Keeps The Octane High And The Controls Smooth

For both casual and hardcore driving fans, Gran Turismo 7 delivers a mindbogglingly in-depth experience that is Sony’s answer to Microsoft Flight Simulator and is sure to leave all car lovers feeling the thrum of the engines by the end. With modes ranging from Gran Turismo‘s past to new bleeding-edge experiences, Gran Turismo 7 has something for everyone. Over 420 cars have been lovingly rendered to the best of the Playstation 5’s mighty capabilities, and these cars can be raced, tuned, painted, and photographed to the players’ hearts’ content. High-performance visuals match high-performance engines in this car lover’s dream, and the Playstation 5’s technical capabilities are pushed to the absolute limit. No matter what type of car fan players are, they’re sure to find something they enjoy.

As 2022 draws to a close, 2023 is on the horizon with even more exclusives to look forward to like Forspoken and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Releases like these ensure that PlayStation will continue to bring players high-quality and groundbreaking titles exclusive to their systems for many years to come.


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