Supertech R10 Race Helmet

The New Supertech R10 Race Helmet


Supertech R10 Race Helmet

Supertech R10: Only 200 of these fancy racing helmets will be produced.Alpinestars is one of the most popular and world-renowned manufacturers of motorcycle gear and equipment. Covering the bases for all disciplines of motorcycling, Alpinestars’ products can be seen on the streets, off-road, and at the highest levels of racing. That said, the brand isn’t exactly known for producing sportbike helmets – until now.

Alpinestars has just unveiled its newest offering, the Supertech R10, and it’s truly a cutting-edge race helmet designed with exacting standards. This sport helmet has been meticulously engineered for professional MotoGP racers, and will see a limited production run for the general public. It’s made out of a multi-layer composite epoxy resin, striking a balance between light weight and durability. On top of that, it incorporates internal features designed to provide maximum comfort and safety.

Alpinestars’ new Supertech R10 has been wind tunnel tested, with the design of the shell specifically intended to provide stability at high speed. Alpinestars states that it reduces drag by 4.54 percent, while still retaining an impressive field of vision – 220 degrees of lateral vision and 57 degrees of vertical vision. On top of that, a Pinlock 120XLT, as well as Max Vision lens and tear off films can easily be installed onto the visor.

Speaking of the visor, the Supertech R10 incorporates an Optical Class 1 face shield, which incorporate a metal lock to prevent the visor from coming off during a crash. The system does retain a tool-less quick-release mechanism, allowing riders to change their visors quickly. On the inside, the Alpinestars Supertech R10 features a multi-density EPS liner to provide optimal impcat absorption. It gets Alpinestars’ patented A-Head system, allowing you to precisely adjust the fit when it comes to the height and angle of the EPS liner. Thanks to all these features, Alpinestars’ newest helmet is ECE 22.06 compliant.

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Keep Your Head In The Right Place:

As mentioned earlier, the Alpinestars Supertech R10 is a highly limited edition helmet, with only 200 helmets set to enter production. The race-spec lid will go on sale on July 10, 2023 via Alpinestars’ official website. As of this writing, Alpinestars hasn’t disclosed pricing for its newest helmet. That said, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this lid would command a price upwards of $1,000 USD


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