WhatsApp’s latest update WhatsApp polls

WhatsApp’s latest update brings new features to polls, captions 2023


WhatsApp’s latest update has rolled out a new update that brings new feature to polls and captions on the app. You can currently conduct polls on WhatsApp, and send photos with captions. These two features are getting more functionalities with the latest update. The new features have started rolling out globally and it should reach all users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp’s latest update WhatsApp polls

The new update adds three more features for polls on WhatsApp. You can now allow people to vote only once with single-vote polls. What happens right now is that people can vote more than once but the new feature will let you prevent this by turning off ‘allow multiple answers’ when you create a new poll. This has been introduced to help users find a definitive answer when required.

WhatsApp is also making it easier to search for polls in your chats. Now when you tap on the search tool you’ll get the option to filter messages and search only for ‘Polls’. This will pull up all the polls that have been shared in your chats. WhatsApp will also start sending notifications whenever people vote on your polls. It will also how many people have voted in total.

WhatsApp captions

WhatsApp lets you send photos and videos with captions, and if you’re forwarding them then the same caption goes along with the media. The new update will let you keep, delete or rewrite captions in forwarded photos and videos. And if the media doesn’t have any caption, you can also add a new one before hitting send. It’s also adding the ability to add captions to documents before sharing them on WhatsApp.

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The new WhatsApp features aren’t major but they can still come handy for users. As mentioned above, the new update is rolling out so not everyone will receive it immediately but it will be available in the coming weeks.

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