CMF Watch Pro

CMF Watch Pro


CMF Watch Pro

  • CMF by Nothing has launched its first lineup of products, including the Watch Pro, Buds Pro, and Power 65W GaN fast charger, all priced affordably.
  •  The CMF Watch Pro offers a range of health tracking features, a 1.96-inch AMOLED screen, and the ability to make phone calls directly from the watch.
  •  The Buds Pro earbuds come with noise cancellation, clear voice technology, and a transparency mode, all for a budget-friendly price of $49.

These days, price is a key deciding factor when choosing a tech investment. Not everyone can afford to pay for high-quality design, despite the fact that people on the highest end of the scale are always willing to splash out on the greatest flagship phones each generation. There has always been a difference between the best items and the low-cost gadgets that are only designed to save money, especially when it comes to looks. There isn’t much in between; you can either spend a small fortune on an attractive wearable or save money and wear something that resembles an ancient Timex. Thankfully, CMF by Nothing, which recently debuted its first line of products, asserts primacy in high-quality design and cost.

As stated by its CEO, Carl Pei, on X (formerly Twitter), CMF, an acronym for Color, Material, and Finish that is itself a common phrase in the design world, has presented its initial portfolio of items. As was previously revealed, the lineup includes three reasonably priced items: Watch Pro, Buds Pro, and 65W GaN fast charger.

Custom watch faces, an inbuilt GPS, and IP68 water resistance are just a few of the strong features offered by the CMF Watch Pro. The watch, which costs about $69, has numerous health monitoring capabilities like pulse rate, sleep, and step trackers. The watch also includes 110 distinct exercise modes and an oxygen blood saturation sensor. If marketing claims are to be believed, the fitness tracker also features a 1.96-inch AMOLED screen display and a 34mAh battery for a respectable 13 uptime days. The content of the watch is clearly visible thanks to the screen’s 410 x 502 resolution.

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The reasonably priced fitness tracker has an integrated speaker and microphone, so you can choose a contact from your contact list and place a call right from your wrist.

Buds Pro, the second item, has the same low MSRP of $49 as the first one. For excellent phone calls, this set of CMF earbuds includes a number of amazing features like noise cancellation and clear voice technology. Its ANC technology has the ability to recognize outside noise and cancel it with a 45dB depth.

While listening to music, users can use the transparency mode to hear their surroundings. If you disable the noise cancellation option, a single charge can support 11 hours of continuous playback.

A powerful 65W GaN adapter from CMF by Nothing was also released for $39. Three USB ports are available on the charger, two of which are USB-C and one of which is a USB-A port. Several fast-charging protocols, including Apple’s 2.4A and Samsung’s 9V/2A, are compatible with this adaptable charger. More information about the charger’s quick-charging capabilities can be found in Carl Pei’s X announcement, which states that it can charge a 0% Nothing 2 smartphone to 50% capacity in under 25 minutes.

The UK and India will be the first countries where CMF’s new trio is sold. On September 30, 2023, people in the UK will be able to purchase these three products through the company’s main store. The products will be more widely accessible “later this month,” according to the X post.

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