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Linn sondek lp12-50 price


A limited-edition turntable named the Linn Sondek LP12-50 was introduced in 2023. With a price tag of ₹4,920,335.82  it is the most expensive turntable Linn has ever built.

A notable improvement over the LP12 standard is the LP12-50. It has a brand-new base constructed of Bedrok wood, which is thought to offer superior vibration dampening. Along with a number of other improvements, it also features a new tonearm and cartridge.

Mixed opinions have been expressed about the LP12-50. Given that it is Linn’s best-sounding turntable to date, some individuals think the price is justified. Others contend that the pricing is simply too expensive and that there other turntables available that function similarly but cost much less.

Ultimately, it comes down to individual judgment as to whether or not the LP12-50 is pricey. But there is no denying that it is a very high-quality turntable with outstanding sound output.

Here are some of the distinctive attributes that contribute to the LP12-50’s high price:

A kind of wood noted for its great density and low resonance is used to make the Bedrok plinth. This makes it the perfect material for a turntable plinth since it reduces vibrations and enhances sound.
Carbon fiber, a material that is both incredibly strong and light, is used to make the tonearm. This contributes to decreasing the mass that is moving, which might enhance sound quality.

The cartridge is a premium model made by Linn. It is made to get the most detail possible out of vinyl recordings.
Other premium parts, such a superior power supply and a precise bearing, are also included in the LP12-50.
The LP12-50 costs a lot because of all of these features. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is a highly expensive turntable with great sound quality. The LP12-50 might be pricey, but if you’re a true audiophile searching for the greatest sound, it might be worth it.

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Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the Linn Sondek LP12-50:


Exceptional audio quality
exemplary components
Limited availability Negatives:

really pricey
Not for all people

Overall, the Linn Sondek LP12-50 turntable is a fairly expensive model that may deliver great sound quality. It might not be suited for everyone, though, and it is also quite pricey. The LP12-50 might be pricey, but if you’re a true audiophile searching for the greatest sound,

it might be worth it. If you’re on a tight budget, there are other turntables available that deliver comparable performance for a far lower price.

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