Microsoft Surface Go 4

Microsoft Surface Go 4


Microsoft Surface Go 4

When Microsoft introduces new products at its next “special Surface event” on September 21, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 and Surface Pro 10 are essentially a lock, according to insiders in the know.

That should still be taken with a grain of salt, but it does seem like a logical move on the part of Microsoft. Since the Microsoft Surface Go 3 did indeed debut on September 22, 2021, and considering the device’s unfavorable evaluations, it makes sense for the producer to try to salvage the situation.

Due primarily to the low-end internal components, the Microsoft Surface Go gadget has never truly been able to compete with the best touchscreen and 2-in-1 laptops on the market. However, for those who don’t require a lot of power and value being able to save money on their laptop, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 from 2020 has still shown to be a fantastic budget Windows 10 option.

Sadly, the Microsoft Surface Go 3’s low power and limited battery life meant that it simply couldn’t keep up with the competition. Microsoft has the ideal chance with the Microsoft Surface Go 4 to demonstrate that it can create a 2-in-1 gadget that is affordable and dependable, if not one of the greatest Windows tablets. It’s looking good for the somewhat cursed series now that Microsoft has delayed the release of its ARM-based Surface Go and rumors point to an Intel-powered model in its place.

Will a new, significantly enhanced Surface Go appear during the event? But more importantly, can it compete with the rest of the products from other companies? We won’t know for sure until Microsoft’s event, but if you’re a fan of the line or interested in what’s to come, we’ve got the information for you below.

Both the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Go 3 had similar starting prices, with the former asking $399/£399/AU$547 for its base configuration and the latter asking $399/£369/AU$629 for its. This places the 2-in-1 in the low-price range, which is unusual for hybrid laptops, which usually place a premium on their adaptable form factor.

The Surface Go series, though, is probably going to be more expensive this time around. The Microsoft Surface Go 4 may cost you around $500 (around £500, AU$775), according to Windows Central. This is due to the likelihood that “the company is omitting the 4GB RAM model from the lineup,” which is a logical decision given that 8GB of memory is currently the minimum need for laptops.

The Surface Go 4 “will be announced on September 21 and start shipping at some point in October,” according to Windows Central.” Therefore, those who have put off replacing their outdated Surface Go for the past two years won’t have to wait too long.

The Surface Go 3 was praised for certain of its design decisions, like a 1080p webcam (a major thing back in 2021), its extremely portable form shape, and the inclusion of a microSD card reader, despite receiving fewer positive reviews overall primarily because of its underpowered design. And we’d love to see the Surface Go 4 inherit those characteristics, which is essentially what is anticipated, according to Windows Central.

However, if Microsoft is going to raise its entry-level price, we’d really want to see the Type Cover included in the box as well. The add-on is what transforms the Surface Go into a laptop rather than just another Windows tablet, although it does raise the price by $129.99, £124.99, or AU$199.95. You would essentially be paying $500 (about £500, AU$775) for a Windows 11 tablet if Microsoft didn’t include it in the package this time.

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A more contemporary-looking screen is something else we’d like to see. Because of its high bezels, the Surface Go 3 not only felt old but also gave you much less screen space to work with. The Microsoft Surface Go 4 should have lovely narrow bezels, allowing you to have a larger screen even if the device’s total proportions remain the same.

The fact that Microsoft would make it simpler to maintain and replace its parts is encouraging, according to Window Central: “The device will feature a replaceable battery, kickstand, display, and even motherboard.” Additionally, it might include AI features like Voice Clarity, just like the anticipated Surface Laptop Go 3, which could also show at the event.

Microsoft is reportedly discontinuing its 4GB RAM devices, which implies that the cheapest model of the forthcoming Surface Go will probably feature 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. This is one of the main reasons for the Surface Go 4’s price increase. Additionally, according to Android Authority, the gadget will be powered by Intel N200, making its base model more powerful than the Surface Go 3’s top Intel Core i3-10100Y configuration.

Although there is currently no specific information, we sincerely hope that Microsoft enhances the performance of its upcoming 2-in-1 model. That’s particularly true considering that one of the main issues with it is that, even in its top configuration, it is underpowered.

The battery life is another area where adjustment is possible. In our tests, we were only able to get just more over six hours out of the Surface Go 3, which was embarrassing even by 2021 standards. And with so many modern laptops and tablets giving at least 10 hours of battery life, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 really doesn’t need to exist if it can’t keep up with the competition.

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You won’t have to wait long to learn more about the new Microsoft Surface Go 4 because the Microsoft event is just around the horizon. We’ll reveal additional details about the device as soon as they get on our desks.


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