OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro

OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro to launch in India


OnePlus is gearing to launch the OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro in India on February 7, 2023 alongside the OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlus Buds Pro 2. This will be the company’s first premium flagship smart TV in the country in four years. The last one(s) came back in 2019. The line-up was called the OnePlus TYV Q1 series. Since then, OnePlus has expanded into new price tiers and even categories like monitors but a flagship smart TV has been missing.

The upcoming India launch of the OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro was announced through a press release. It isn’t immediately clear if the pro would be accompanied by a non-pro vanilla variant like it was with its predecessor line-up. Also, a thing to note here is the screen size (no other hardware details have been shared at the time of writing). The naming suggests that the Q2 Pro would be a 65-inch TV. It’s not known if there would be more size options but clearly, the company is set to deliver a “big” upgrade this year. The OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro were both 55-inch smart TVs.

Though they had some premium specs and styling, many critics had called out the design of the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro as being far from practical. This is because both these TVs had a centre mount –sort of like a monitor— but their large size and sleek dimensions meant you had to be very careful while moving them around.

Both OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro had the same specs with the only exception that the pro also gave you a built-in moving soundbar that you could hide inside when you didn’t need it.

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Not a lot is known about the OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro at the time of writing but we expect OnePlus to reveal more details shortly leading into the launch.

“Ever since we entered the smart TV market in 2019 with our premium OnePlus TV Q1 series, we have been witnessing incredibly positive response in this segment from our community,” Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus said in a prepared statement adding that “the new OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro is set to provide a series of superior hardware and software features, while also serving as the hub for a premium, smarter connected ecosystem experience.”


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