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Apple Vision Pro: Apple unveiled its flagship mixed reality headset – Vision Pro at WWDC 2023 on June 5. The spatial computer will hit the market next year and carry a price tag of $3,499 in the United States. But there is a special edition of the device that will retail at around $40,000, which is more than the combined price of ten regular Vision Pro headsets.

Caviar, a Dubai-based luxury brand famous for its lavish product designs, has revealed a special edition Vision Pro which the company is calling the ‘CVR Edition’ on its website, with the aim to pivot the head accessory into a work of art. According to the press statement, this exclusive design piece from the company aims to “redefine elegance and exclusivity”. It draws inspiration from Gucci’s ski masks and Tom Ford’s flip-up glasses.

Vision Pro CVR Edition: Mind-bending facts

Coming to the precise details, the head mount is crafted from Connolly leather which has been supplied to Rolls-Royce and British Royal Court. Caviar used a whopping over 1.5kg of 18K gold to decorate and churn out this unique piece. In the images shared by the maker, the Vision Pro can be seen with a privacy cover to hide the eyes of the wearer from people around them. This is a U-turn from the EyeSight feature in the flagship headset.

Vision Pro Caviar Edition Price and Availability

Caviar announced in the press note that the custom edition would be available for order roughly in the fall of next year and have a sky-high price tag of approximately $39,900 at the time of launch. Only 24 pieces of the exclusive edition will be released.

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Coming to the regular Vision Pro announced by Apple, the headset blends digital content with the physical environment to let wearers enjoy an immersive virtual experience. It runs on visionOS and has 4K displays for sharp details. Under the hood, it sports an M2 and R1 chip for performance. The device comes with 12 cameras, six mics and five sensors.


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