BTS Turn Seoul Into ‘Bora City’

BTS Turn Seoul Into ‘Bora City’ 2023



BTS celebrated its 10-year debut anniversary on June 13. Owing to the special occasion, the boys planned a truly memorable FESTA, this year. Unlike previous times, their celebration, this year lasted more than 17-18 days. Well, why not! After all, the group just turned 10.

Both the members and their ARMY are extremely happy and feeling all different emotions. Even though the boys sadly are not together on this special day, they still planned many things. From new group song, family photos, special solo performances, and more. They even placed messages and presents in the form of posters for the fans. On June 17, they had a massive event in Seoul.

At the event, they had a photo booth, a live session with RM, merch, games, fireworks, and more. It was a full-on day-long celebration with a large number of ARMY showing up. Truly, the boys managed to turn the entire city into a celebration place for their anniversary.

Jungkook Narrated Beautiful Firework Show On BTS’ 10th Anniversary

The main event of the night was the firework show that was planned by BTS. The show became the highlight of the celebration. It not just made the fans emotional but also left everyone in Seoul dazzled and speechless. The sight was one to behold and cherish.

For the show, they used BTS’ top tracks including Boy With Luv, Butterfly, Spring Day, DNA, Idol, Fake Love, Mic Drop, Run BTS and their latest OT7 song for FESTA, Take Two. Jungkook was the one who narrated the show. While he was not present there physically, his voice was enough to add to the magic.

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“Like how the fireworks light up the dark night in a beautiful way, thank you for lighting up our nights brightly when we had nothing,” he said introducing the beautiful firework show. It was enough to move the fans and make them emotional.


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